Welcome to Modern Pilates

Turn your passion for Pilates into a rewarding career

Welcome to Modern Pilates

As professional Pilates trainers we specialise in helping you turn your passion for Pilates into an exciting new career opportunity. Whether your interest is just a hobby, or you are a fitness or health professional, we will nurture, support and teach you the skills you need to become a successful Clinical Contemporary Matwork Pilates Teacher. We have many years’ experience in delivering professional training courses in Pilates, Health and Fitness, and other related disciplines.

We run a series of Pilates based training courses and workshops:

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YMCA Awards Level 3 Diploma in Teaching Pilates
Progressive Matwork 1 & 2
Pilates Toolbox - Bands, Balls and Foam Rollers

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Diagnostic Series

Shoulder Conditions
Hip & Knee Conditions
Spinal Conditions

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Ageing and Older Adult

Standing, Seated and Supported Pilates
Adapting Exercise for Independently Active Older People (YMCA Awards Level 3)

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Mummy Fit Pilates

Award In Adapting Exercise for Ante-natal and Post-natal Clients (YMCA Awards Level 3)
Restore The Core & Pelvic Floor

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Upcoming Courses

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Our Story

We pride ourselves on nurturing and supporting students throughout their educational journey with us to ensure you have the best learning experience and attain your full potential. We strongly support face to face learning as we believe that you gain essential practical teaching skills whilst training setting you firmly on the road to your new career.
We are passionate about high quality training and work with a team of tutors and assessors who run their own businesses and are experts in their field.
We are confident that you will proudly reach your full potential with our support before, during and after the training programme. Our Testimonials reflect our high standard of delivery.


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During the physio led days on the course you will learn how to do a postural assessment.  This allows you to look at the client’s

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What our clients say about us

This course was recommended specifically by my own Pilates teacher, as one of the best on the market and I can truly say that it has given me the tools to teach, and knowledge to provide an excellent foundation in delivering my own classes. It is not any easy course, but then nothing worthwhile is easy, what is excellent is the support you receive throughout the course and the study materials provided, which are very comprehensive. The delivery by the tutors, both in a classroom setting and the studio were invaluable and initially pushed me outside my comfort zone, but by the final weekend I had been given everything I needed to pass the final exams. I’ve discovered that Pilates people are lovely, ready to help each other both during the course and after. I enjoyed it so much I’m coming back for some of the specific condition courses. Can’t wait!
If you are wanting a Pilates instructor course run and taught by dedicated tutors, who have real life and relevant experience in a field they work professionally in, are recognised within and are passionate about, the Modern Pilates course is the course for you. You won’t just get taught verbatim, a load of facts, you’ll get hands on experience of what it’s like to apply your knowledge and understanding in a life-like ‘Pilates session’ setting. The lovely characters you will meet on the course will feed your passion for this discipline. Their diligence will make you prepared and confident from day one of running your own session. Your confidence will flow to your clients who in turn will strive to achieve their own goals to live a pain free and active life. This is hugely rewarding, in which ever capacity you hope to utilise the course. The course will provide you with all you need to set up, from anatomy knowledge all the way through to music clearance. And if there’s the odd follow up query, your tutors will always be just a phone call away, to support you months and years down the line. I met some wonderful people on the course and we’ve helped each other through. And we’re still there now, over a year down the line encouraging and supporting each other. I’m glad I paid the extra, because I know I wouldn’t have got this care and support behind me if I hadn’t. Go for it, you’ll never look back! A year later and I’m looking forward to booking on my next bolt on course.
Jo Milton
I would like to say a very big thank-you to yourself and the team for the first weekend of the course. I thoroughly enjoyed Graeme’s revision workshops and found his active and engaging delivery, catering for different learning styles, incredibly useful. I felt Graeme’s Pilates class was the perfect antidote to the exam preparation and sitting and a lovely way to end the weekend. It was good to meet Christine and hear about the course background; and Sandi’s introduction to Joseph Pilates and reference to the course structure was further confirmation that the course you offer is of the highest quality. Of course, I’m well aware that none of this would be possible without your very efficient organisation and help with the pre-course preparations. Although the course is relatively expensive, I’m in no doubt that the cost is justified and will represent very good value for money; and to this end I’m delighted I’ve chosen to train with Modern Pilates out of the myriad of Pilates teaching programmes available.
Rachel May